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Young Ryders


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Ruff Ryders new division Young Ryders embodies music, the bike lifestyle and community work for the youth through sports and more. Young Ryders consist of Lil Waah, Medium Waah, Darrell, Lavelle and other relatives and friends between the ages 11-25. Young Ryders features a couple of established acts, such as Lil’ Waah, who’s Waah’s son the leader of the new generation and extension of Ruff Ryders previous impact. Young Ryders also features bikers such as Malissa and Betsy who are Bronx natives and young talented women looking to change the view of female bikers through the Young Ryders initiative. Keeping the Ruff Ryders legacy alive through showcasing the next generation and their movements that will impact the youth all over displaying bikers with a love and passion for music and extreme sports. Ruff Ryders bicyclist would pop wheelies in the street and Lil Waah and his brothers ride quads bangees with a whole team/group of Young Ryders bikers. Young Ryders will also provide music production services for upcoming artist within the industry. This time around, while Waah’s approach will still utilize traditional music operations but will bring a new flare to the music industry while embodying family value and family business. This is not a movie it’s a movement.


Waah Dean, who was born Joaquin Dean in Bronx, New York, is one of the most influential and nationally respected figures within the Hip Hop/ Rap community. Through his position as Ruff Ryders’ CEO, Waah has considerable influence in the industry and a vast presence amongst the community. Waah’s extensive knowledge and appreciation of the industry has allowed him to diversify his revenue streams through playing an integral role in supporting the streets, managing a music label, monitoring 400+ Ruff Ryders chapters, and growing an independent platform that assists developing Double R companies. Waah’s long standing career in music has seen him work over 28 years, alongside his brother, Darrin Dean, and sister, Chivon Dean. As one of the most recognizable executives within the music industry, Waah set a tone across the world after co-founding Ruff Ryders Entertainment in 1988. From its Yonkers, New York headquarters, the company launched the careers of DMX, Eve, Swizz Beatz, Cassidy, The Lox, as well as solo releases from all three members of The Lox (i.e. Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch). At its pinnacle, Ruff Ryders went on to release five label compilation projects over the course of a decade. Ruff Ryders grew only more prolific as a host of Ruff Ryders’ projects earned platinum and gold awards, but it goes to say, no matter how successful the Ruff Ryders became, Waah always ensured the community was able to eat, as well. Along with Ruff Ryders Indy, Waah has structured and established systems all over the world including, but not limited to, Ruff Ryders Radio, the charitable Ruff Ryders to the Rescue program, a marketing company, and a consulting company, all of which anyone with a Ruff Ryders’ membership can get involved. Not only does Waah look for artists who are passionate about their music, but he also searches for writers and producers who are CEOs in the making.This time around, while Waah’s approach will still utilize traditional music operations but will bring a new flare to the music industry while embodying family value and family business.



“Lil Waah” Joaquin Dean Jr., the son of Ruff Ryders’ CEO Joaquin “Waah” Dean, is a 17-year old Hip Hop/ Rap prodigy and actor who has a long history in the music industry. Lil’ Waah, as he is known in the industry, was born in Harlem, New York – a neighborhood famous for its swagger.

In 2002, but spent most of his childhood at Powerhouse Studio, where he discovered he had a real interest for music. As Waah Dean’s son, Lil’ Waah has been able to truly immerse himself in the rap game and learn the inner workings of the music industry from industry leaders including, but not limited to, DMX, Swizz Beatz, and Cassidy.

Lil’ Waah was featured on BET’s “The Cipher” alongside DMX and DJ Premier. At the ripe age of ten, The Source Magazine and Hip Hop N More premiered his first single, “Pop A Wheelie,” from the Swizz Beatz-hosted mixtape Playtime is Over. The success of Playtime is Over got Lil’ Waah a spot on BET’s “The Backroom,” and later led to an appearance on BET’s “106 and Park” with Swizz Beatz. Although Lil’ Waah has an abundance of talent, after he finished promoting his 2014 release, he had taken time to develop his artistry in order to prepare to maintain the Ruff Ryders’ legacy.



Joaquin Schullark is a college basketball athlete, artist, videographer and entrepreneur Joaquin “Medium Waah” Schullark started as a mentor for young males in New York. His role as the protector in the family became a monumental piece in the Dean Family. From playing on the courts in Massachusetts to planning events for Ruff Ryders; the Dean genes instilled in him. Medium Waah hopes to use his education and family knowledge to highlight the Ruff Ryders new generation “Young Ryders.”

Medium Waah is currently enrolled at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, double majoring in Communications and Business. He wants to use his major to implement strategies that can be used towards his daily life and career. Schullark serves as the Assistant Marketing Director at MCLA and also does music while in school. Medium Waah hopes to graduate college while opening his own recording studio. His marketing plan and strategies will be innovate the recording studio business and he would like to increase awareness for the Ruff Ryders brand. Waah Schullark is influenced by his father, his uncle Waah Dean, who is one of the founders of Ruff Ryders Entertainment. When he’s not attending school or playing basketball, he’s with his father at the studio. Schullark sells merchandise, plans events and is a brand ambassador for Ruff Ryders. He also serves as the motivator for the Young Ryders generation. His goal for Ruff Ryders is to broaden their known abilities as a company adding modeling, writing workshops and increasing the bikers aspect. Schullark also wants to build their own office space which will include their studio and radio station. Besides working in the music industry, Schullark would love to become a Basketball Coach or an English teacher. Teaching and influencing the youth has been a constant routine for Schullark, making him believe that it would be the ideal position for him after pursuing his music career. Schullark is also adding modeling to his resume, beginning to book shoots for the summer.



Darrell Dean was born into a family legacy that is still growing to this day. Dean, son of Joaquin ‘Waah’ Dean who founded entertainment company Ruff Ryders’, is creating his own path training others on their health and fitness journeys.

Growing up in the gritty streets of Harlem, New York, Dean obtained the hustler mentality rapidly and knew to access his dream; hard work had to be done first.

Dean has been involved with music since birth, attending studio sessions with his father and witnessing his younger brother Lil Waah, climb his way to success but, fitness is a true love for him. Dean aspires to become a personal trainer, using his personal workout techniques to help others on their weight loss journey. One memorable moment for Dean has been watching his little brother Lil Waah transition into an artist. Being Lil Waah’s older brother and witnessing him grow into their family’s long-lasting legacy feels amazing. Dean has been through the entire process with his brother, helping him maintain his energy during shows, assisting him with lyrics for his music and more.