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Dora Lewis


As a Young Ryder you must learn and understand the structure and history of the Program that you aspire to become a member of. Young Ryders is a division branch from Ruff Ryders Organization, the most recognized motorcycle organization within and outside of the United States. Some of the consists/founders/starters/current Young Ryders are Lil Waah, Medium Waah, Darrell, Lavelle and other relatives and friends between the ages of 11 and 25. We are a family of enthusiasts who are bound by a common love for riding, music, competitive sports, entrepreneurs, and more. Young Ryders also features bikers such as Malissa and Betsy who are Bronx natives and young talented women looking to change the view of female bikers throughout this initiative. Keeping the Ruff Ryders legacy alive through showcasing the next generation and their movements that will impact the youth all over displaying bikers with the love and passion for extreme sports and numerous teams and avenue’s within the program.

This program consists of a large network of people that serve their communities each day, whether it is through fundraisers, community events or entertainment we are all dedicated to helping each other, add diversity, stand for equality, display sportsmanship and bring real comradery back to the streets we live in.

We have a platform for our very own junior members, the younger generation, fans and kids of all walks of life.  This is a foundation built to see the youth succeed and a place for the kids to be guided, motivated and feel safe, loved and reassurance that they all have unconditional support as we work together to help them reach all of their goals.