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Dora Lewis


The Young Ryders Stunt Team is a crew of stunt performers that follow the direction of the stunt coordinator to collectively participate and execute an action sequence for film, television series, commercials, theater or live performances.Young Ryders Stunt Team captures the attention of kids and adults alike with a live out of the box style to show off your skills and courage by a freestyle stunt team.

This team performs at video shoots, associated events and fundraisers, attend school functions, showcasing their talent like 15 feet jumps up a vertical wall, drop offs and interactive stunts that amaze and entertain the crowd at community fairs, local church events, parades and other special occasions. This team is for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies.Whether you’re an experienced biker, a new rider, or a passionate spectator of extreme riding; this team has something for everyone.

Once you are registered and assigned “prospect” status, there is a 30 day “prospecting” period that takes place. This process allows you to see firsthand what a day in the life looks like as well as identifies the roles and responsibilities. As a prospect, you may be tasked to volunteer in opportunities for our youth to engage with other teams, community leadership, enhance communication skills but most importantly, a platform to pursue your goals with the support of fellow members within the Ruff Ryders to the Rescue foundation.

Our goal is for everyone to have fun, learn, and conquer those ambitions you have together in your community. As a member you will also provide support to other YR teams within this program by volunteering in competitive events and cross-marketing.